Give your PET the BEST Pure Distilled Water for LIFE!

Pure Distilled Water for All Loving Pets

pet-drinking-waterMost animals consume more than their daily requirement. A little extra water consumption never hurts, but too little can be catastrophic. Sick animals and working animals respond much better if properly hydrated. Encouraging your dog or cat to drink lots of pure distilled water regularly as this will minimize the risk of common medical ailments resulting from lack of drinking fluids.

Let’s face it, maintaining the wellbeing of your pet depends on you, as your pet does not possess the ability to talk and tell you what it wants. Your pet depends on you when they need food and pure water. If you really love your pet, you need to give them pure distilled drinking water only, daily. This will show you want your pet to experience the BEST and longest life possible.

You see, water is the most important of all your pet’s nutrients. An animal can lose all of its fat and half of its protein and survive, but only a 10% loss of body water causes serious illness. Water constitutes 84% of a newborn puppy and 60% of an adult dog. Water is necessary for almost every function the animal body performs. While critical in life, some animals have adapted to a small amount of water. Yet on a hot day, the average dog or cat can experience total dehydration in only a couple of hours if pure water is not present. Although giving pure water to a pet may make perfect sense to you, with most pet owners, the idea is not one taken seriously by most pet owners. Considering the huge quantity and importance of water consumed in a pet’s lifetime, it is important that to pour in your pet’s water bowl the BEST quality of pure water only.

Water Quality

Not all water is created equal. All untreated water can harbor bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Giardia is one of the most common problems acquired through untreated water. Household tap water is generally safe, though just as with people, water that is high in nitrates, iron, or magnesium can pose long-term health risks. Today, loving pet owners give their animals the BEST water by making pure distilled water at home.


Water is the basis for life. Give your pet the highest quality pure water – distilled water.

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