How Much Water Should I Drink

What is the BEST time to drink pure distilled water?

a-glass-waterTo help achieve maximum benefits from drinking distilled water, I strongly suggest you do the following:

Drink two (02) glasses of distilled water after waking up
Reason: This will help activate internal organs
Drink one (01) glass of distilled water 30-minutes before meal
Reason: This will help the digestion system
Drink one (01) glass of distilled water before taking a bath
Reason: This can help lower blood pressure
Drink one (01) glass of water before sleep
Reason: Doing this can help avoid stroke or heart attack

Do you know what percentage of the human body is water?

About 70 percent water! Therefore, the type of drinking water you consume is one of HIGH IMPORTANCE.

For your body to be at ideal health, you need to consume the most beneficial water possible.

Consider these mindboggling facts and statistics:

  • 75 percent of Americans are regularly dehydrated.
  • 37 percent of North Americans have stifled their thirst mechanism to the point that it is often mistaken for hunger.
  • The No. 1 trigger of daytime fatigue is deficiency in water
  • A University of Washington study, found that nearly all participating dieters were able to deter their midnight hunger pangs by just drinking a glass of water.
  • Research has revealed that drinking 8-10 glasses of water each day could improve back and joint pain for up to 80% of suffers.
  • A simple 2 percent drop in body water can negatively impact short-term memory and the ability to concentrate.

Drinking five glasses of water per day can minimize the risk of breast cancer by as much as 79 percent, bladder cancer by 50 percent, and colon cancer by 45 percent and deadly heart attack by 41 percent.

Now that you know just how important water is to the body, you can begin to comprehend how crucial it is to be drinking the right kind of water. Here are some terrible choices you can make:

City water: that is often full of chlorine and other unhealthy chemicals.
Well water: which run-off and pesticides can ruin.
Bottled water: even this can be unhealthy because of high acidity.



Drinking water suffers so much treatment with chemicals it can have toxic effects. Due to the excess and careless disposal of industrial and sewage waste products into rivers, the danger of drinking polluted water is believed to employ the use of caustic chemicals to destroy such microorganisms as they are exposed. Nearly all city water is treated with chemicals. The water may provide a limited degree of bacteriological purity, but is completely lacking in chemical purity.

Chemicals added to water have toxic effects when used in adequate amounts. Some are fatal poisons when used in their pure undiluted state. When used in great dilution, as in drinking water, there are no severe reactions of immediate poisoning, though there may be cumulative effects of poisoning over time. Medical journals record many cases of allergies, hives, asthma, and other adverse reactions that were traced to the use of -chlorinated water.

Drinking distilled water can help get back the life energy you deserve NOW!


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