Is Tap Water Safe to Drink?

Uncovering the Dirty Truth behind One of Life’s Necessities

is-tap-water-safe-to-drinkIs tap water safe to drink? This is a question that is asked frequently, not just in the United States, but around the world. Perhaps, a lot would depend on your definition of safe, and where you live.
Nothing seems as precious and essential as water. We cannot live without it. Yet, we have made so many radical changes to our environment that our water resources are dwindling, and what is left is subject to various forms of chemical treatment.

Is Tap Water Safe to drink? – Common Health Hazards from Drinking Tap Water

Tap water is processed at government water companies in most developed countries of the world. Once the water is treated, it is considered safe for human consumption, and in many cases it is.

The real problem with tap water is that it gets contaminated in many places around the United States each year, and there is a direct connection between contaminated water and higher rates in diseases, such as asthma, stomach illnesses and cancer.

The U.S. government regulates how our tap water is processed at plants, yet there is no government regulation that says that our drinking water is free from all contaminants. You can check any water processing facility in the United States, or in other countries, and you will not find any that can guarantee that your tap water is 100% free from dangerous particles and chemicals.

Traces of hormones, prescription drugs and other chemicals can be found in most of our water supplies. Although the levels vary, even smaller amounts can cause adverse reactions, and complicate our health. Even too much chlorine and fluoride is not safe over many years.

So, is tap water safe to drink? The answer is probably no, unless you take action and filter it in some way.

Water Filtration is a Simple Solution

Hundreds of thousands of people are sick each year from drinking tap water. The problem is that when we get sick, we automatically blame it on some airborne virus, or the food we ate. How many times have you considered that your upset stomach might have been caused by bad water?

Do you like playing Russian roulette with your health? That is exactly what you are doing if you are drinking water from your tap without a filter. It’s not even necessary to use scare tactics, or create scenarios out of some science fiction movie.

You need to filter your water!

Filtration methods are just as good as oxidation, chemicals, or separation methods. The best part about filtration is that it is economical.

If you are using any type of filters, you should make sure that the filters are changed after the recommended time of usage. Filters are only effective when they have not accumulated harmful materials over a long period of time.

Shop around and search for a filter that is best for your home, office or business. However, it’s best to do some research before putting down your hard earned cash. Most filtering methods are well documented, so you can gather information before you read or hear any sales hype.

In conclusion, tap water can be safe to drink, but it can also make you ill, and might have an overall effect on your future health. Water filters are a safe and reliable solution to remove harmful chemicals and bacteria from your drinking water.

Is tap water safe to drink? It definitely is, if you use a clean filtering system.