Pure Water Flavor Guide

distilled-waterPure Water Flavor Guide

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NATURE’S CYCLE: Rainwater, as long as there isn’t any air pollution, is extremely pure water. Rainwater is water that is naturally free of the chemicals, metals and other contaminants. This is how water is supposed to taste.

FRESH, STEAM-DISTILLED WATER: Only steam-distillation duplicates nature’s hydrologic cycle to produce consistently clean, great tasting water. Steam-distilled water tastes tremendous and brings out the true taste of coffee and tea.

HUMAN IMPACT: Human’s have made a dramatic impact on the quality of water in every part of the world today. Our drinking water are filled with contaminates and concentrated toxic metals from industries, bacteria from human and animal waste, disinfection chemicals, and most recently, synthetic petrochemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, solvents and fuel. Humans have drastically changed the taste of water, and its fitness to consume.


Fact: ALL Tap Water is Contaminated!

While many contaminants may not be deemed harmful, there are a number of harmful chemicals that have been found in tap water across the country, many of which have been linked to cancer or other long-term illnesses. This is why top doctors, nutritionists and scientists recommend steam-distilled water.

WATER CONTAMINATION DISTORTS FLAVORS: Contaminants distort flavors. To experience the true taste of coffee or tea when contaminants are in the water that distorts the flavor is not possible unless a pure water distillation becomes part of the tea or coffee making process. Chlorine and sulfur odors are obvious culprits, but virtually all contaminants, including hardness minerals, distort the taste. The only way to bring out the best flavors and the true taste of your coffee and tea is to make it with fresh, steam-distilled water.

YOU MAY NOT NOTICE BAD TASTES. Although it sounds strange, you may not notice how bad your water tastes for a couple reasons. First, you get used to the taste of your water, which is why you notice how bad water tastes in another city. The second reason is that people will often unconsciously overpower their drinks to hide the bad flavors in their water. Your customers will notice a distinct improvement in the flavors of drinks made with fresh, steam-distilled water.

WATER QUALITY CAN VARY DAY TO DAY. Water is fluid and changes all the time. The contaminants in your water one day may not be in your water the next day. This could be due to seasonal fluctuations, such as heavy pesticide use in the spring, contamination by industries, drought, bacteria outbreaks, or changes in the total amount of disinfection chemicals cities put in the water.

WATER QUALITY CAN VARY FROM LOCATION TO LOCATION. Each city has its own unique combination of contaminants, which is why water tastes different from town to town. Our systems produce consistently pure, great-tasting water regardless of what contaminants are in your source water.

YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER YOUR MAIN INGREDIENT! Even if you use filters or reverse osmosis systems, the quality of water that they produce is directly affected by the quality of water that they start with. In order to produce a high-quality drink, you need absolute control over your main ingredient. Our systems give you that control.

PEOPLE WANT PURITY. In addition to flavor, people want to know that they are drinking the purest water possible for health reasons. People want purity and they are willing to pay for it! This incredible growth of both bottled water and organic foods proves this, as these industries have experienced a 23% annual increase for the past 5 years!