In Earth, water is the source of life. Why? It’s because water is such a powerful solvent due to its special structure. So water is usually important because it is one of the most important components for dissolving something. However, the coin has two sides. Because of its powerful solvent, it is prone to attract all types of materials that normally include all kinds of chemicals and other impurities. Impurities such as chemicals, viruses, bacteria etc. are harmful to our body if you drink polluted water. Even boiling the water, you cannot get rid of all kinds of impurities. So if you want to drink pure and healthy water, of course, you need a device to separate the water from these contaminants which are harmful to our health. The water distiller is such a device which you can choose to purify your water.This type of device will heat the water and turn the water into the stem leaving behind all the contaminants such as chemicals, metals and killing all microorganisms. Now if you want to purchase a distiller for your family, there are many water distillers available on the market. You’d better know the weaknesses and strength of them. Here I recommend you to consider the following 2 water distillers. They are all good quality. I think you will choose your best water distiller.

Nutriteam Countertop water distiller reviews

Megahome water distillerNutriteam’s water distillers are great, which can ensure that you can get and drink the purest water. Their distillers will allow you to make distilled water at home. One model is a countertop water distiller stainless with glass collection, which can distill one gallon water within 6 hours. The distilling process does not add any chemical additives to purify water. On the contrary, the boiling process can kill all the microorganisms and remove all chemicals and metals. When completing one distilling cycle, the distiller will be turned of automatically, so you don’t need to wait. Meanwhile, it’s very easy to clean it.

Waterwise 8800 reviews

Waterwise 9000 Water Distiller

Water Wise 8800 model is another very good model you can choose. This model uses high technology. It’s a very new model. It features a multifunction LCD which makes the whole distilling process under your control. If the the filter is time to be changed, it can tell you when to do that in order to make you have pure and healthy water all the time. The most important feature is that it can distill 1 gallon water within 4 hours, which means you can up to 6 gallons distilled water every day, if you make it working all the time.

There are other distillers you can choose, such as water wise 4000, or Westinghouse W15120. They are also good quality. When buying such a distiller, you must ask yourself what you really want and which is the best one.


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